Toronto FRB DAY at CITA-Dunlap


Invited speakers


Time Agenda Speaker

Opening Remarks

Bryan Gaensler
Cherry Ng
Hsiu-Hsien Lin


Talk #1 [Slides]
Fast Radio Bursts: What do we know?
Do we know things?? Let's find out!

Paul Scholz


Coffee break


Talk #2 [Slides]
Localizing FRBs and Chasing Their Hosts

Sarah Burke-Spolaor




Talk #3 [Slides]
FRB progenitor models, a current state of affairs

Ben Margalit


Talk #4 [Slides]
Finding the missing baryons and (maybe) constraining the cosmology with FRBs 

Matt McQuinn

Coffee Break 


Panel Discussion
Ue-Li Pen 

1800-2200  Off-Campus Party  (for those who have RSVP-ed)  


The Local Organizing Committee

Please feel free to contact us, if there is any question.

The Code of Conduct


Registered Participants


Name/ Affiliation

Ajay Gill / Dunlap
Almog Yalinewich / CITA
Bryan Gaensler / UofT
Cameron Van Eck / Dunlap
Caroline El Khoury / University of Toronto
Cherry Ng / Dunlap
Dana Simard / CITA
Dongzi Li / CITA
Hannah Dykaar / University of Toronto
Hsiu-Hsien Lin / CITA
Jessica Campbell / Dunlap Institute
Keith Vanderlinde / Toronto
Maria Drout / University of Toronto
Marten van Kerkwijk / Dept of Astronomy & Astrophysics, U. Toronto
Masoud Rafiei-Ravandi / Perimeter Institute
Mubdi Rahman / Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics
Nikhil Mahajan / DAA
Pavel Motloch / CITA
Peter Martin / CITA
Raymond Carlberg / Toronto
Rebecca Lin / University of Toronto
Ryan Mckinven / University of Toronto
Tina Peters / Dunlap Institute
Tomas Cassanelli / Dunlap Institute
Ue-Li Pen / CITA
Viswesh Marthi / CITA/Dunlap
Yvette Cendes / Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics
Vicky Kaspi / McGill
Sarah Burke-Spolaor / WVU
Paul Scholz / DRAO
Matt McQuinn / University of Washington
Ben Margalit / Berkeley
Charanjot Brar / McGill
Alex Josephy / McGill University
Shriharsh P. Tendulkar / McGill Space Institute
Jojo Boyle / McGill University
Daniele Michilli / McGill
Emmanuel Fonseca / McGill University
Pragya Chawla / McGill University
Chitrang Patel / McGill University
Jing Luo / CITA
Bridget Andersen / McGill University
Arun Naidu / McGill Space Institute
Martin Houde / University of Western Ontario
Fereshteh Rajabi / University of Waterloo
Jacob Taylor / University of Toronto
Alex Roman / University of Toronto
Vincent MacKay / University of Toronto
Kendrick Smith / Perimeter Institute
Akanksha Bij / University of Toronto